Customized applications for your process.

We provide custom build designed assembly machines are manufactured according to you proceess needs.

Rotary Automated Assembly Processes

Lineer Automated Assembly Processes

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Applications : Screwing, Riveting, Braking, Holing, Tapping, Close Fitting, Welding, Greasing, Quality Control, Test, Camera Control, Measuring, Gumming, Laser Marking, Sorting, Packaging, Stowing


Maintenance cost effective and process efficient standard modules.

Providing robust quality and continous production output with standard modules engineered by Smart Elektromekanik.


  • Easily configurable for different screw diameters and heights.
  • Ergonomic user interface operator.
  • Improved sound isolation for better health and safety.
  • Fast feeding capability up to 50 screw/min.
  • Torque adjustable.
  • Easy – Quick maintenance access with smart machine layout.

  • Configurable feeding line between 100mm and 1000mm.
  • Easy adjustment for top rail load.
  • Improved safety with robust design and safety hatches.
  • Operating frequency: 100hz

  • Quick adaptation for different applications and easy operating interface.
  • Adjustment apportunity for higher loads by changable piston diameters.
  • Maintenence free roller system.
  • High performance output under severe manufacturing enivorments.

  • Minimum area requirement for selection mechanism.
  • Adjustable exit way configuration capability.
  • Pass – Reject easy visiual detection by changable flap colors .
  • Changable body dimensions for the bigger geomtery products.

  • Vertical and Horizontal stroke range between 10mm-400mm.
  • Shock aborbers on maximum stroke positions to avoid noise and user life.
  • Maintenence free roller system.
  • Die casted reinforced body and mechanism.
  • Fast operating capability up to 40 cycles/min.
  • Easy use and assembly with the help of ergonomic design.

  • Customized vibration feeding solutions for wide geometry and size ranges.  
  • Fast delivery by on-shelf stock for your quick maintenance needs.
  • Flexible design for higher diameter configuration needs built over the same main group.
  • Minimized height saving space.


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